I think we could probably get rid of the word "polish"

When was the last time you polished something? Or at least, when was the last time you referred to “polishing” something verbally?

If you have said the phrase “I’m just going to go and polish the bathroom mirror” or whatever, you could easily just say “I’m just going to go and clean the bathroom mirror” instead.

Just a thought I had really, not a huge amount to discuss here. Anyone want to chat about anything else?

Bit genocidal


not sure the citizens of Poland would be happy with that Ant

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The first two responses are predictably obtuse. I expect it from Aggpass but not from you Matthew.

I think we should get rid of you


@ me, coward!


Nah, sorry Tone.

Cleaning and polishing are two separate jobs and the distinction is necessary.

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I think there’s probably a fair argument in favour of that as well, no reason why these two opinions can’t co-exist IMO.

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Imagine being the sort of person that would call you out on saying one when you meant the other though

think its dusting we should eliminate to be humble

and this should include any and all dustins/dustys etc

Just want to reiterate, we’re not getting rid of the actual act here, just the word.

tone really is bad today huh

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shut the thread down mods.

you can’t polish an antpocalypsenow theory


I polished my car a couple of months ago, I don’t want to have to say I applied some wax and buffed my car to a nice shine a couple of months ago.

You cleaned your car

cleaning it is a regular occurrence polishing it is a once or twice a year thing.

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You ever take that baby to a drive-thru car wash?

Nah, the big machine’s aren’t great for your paintwork, the guys at the hand wash places are a bit slap dash in my experience.

Do you also take care of a lawn?