I think we just need to grow up a bit and admit that...

…artichoke is an elite pizza topping.

You’d have to be an idiot to not think so. Clear as bloody day.


Put that artichoke in the bin and break out the pineapple. :sunglasses:




Gotten into a reet bougie habit of always having a little tub of artichokes in the fridge and occasionally popping one into my mouth as a treat.
Great bit of… vegetable? Is it a vegetable?
Until two years ago I thought they were fish.

still haven’t thought of my favourite topping, @kermitwormit

I do reeeally want to try a proper Chicago style deep dish pie, though, reckon one of those would be the one for me

regular pizza though?

I think I need people to suggest veggie toppings to me

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Mushrooms! Olives! The two greatest toppings IMO.


Come abloodygain???

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olives is the only one I’m super-enthused about!

any tasty antipasti things, I guess…

mushrooms… I appreciate them, but I still feel a bit like the mushroom-hating kid I used to be when they appear on pizza

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my atd went to chicago and had one last year. said it wasn’t all that.

I respect this and will keep it in mind!

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Fair enough! Poor mushrooms, no kids like them. They need a new PR campaign

Doner meat or nothing.

also maybe they need to look and be a bit less slimey when cooked

because I thought they looked like little slugs

I think I can probably fully accept them, though! I just need to try harder.

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maybe it was a bad pie or a bad purveyor of pie

I have some recipes saved and they sound so good

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Nah just sitting on top puddling in grease.

Fappable introduced me to jars of artichokes in oil

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“Hello Barleysugar, this is artichokes in oil”


wouldn’t that make the jars slippy

oh no


Might bang some ready salted crisps on a pizza. It’s essentially a cheese and crisp sandwich