I think you can edit other people's replies to your posts, if they've quoted you

can someone please quote this as a reply to test

This is a serious thread

i have the edit button on OM’s post too. let me get a screencap.

Be nice, Aggpass.

hmm, that isn’t it then. no edit function there

and, clicking on the green pencil

WOAH. @Otto what is this sorcery? @sean?

He’s just turned it into a wiki

also, i smell.

fucking gamechanger

Don’t think you need to quote people, just need to make your post into a wiki afterwards. Then I think anyone can edit it unless you turn off the wiki function, which you’ve just got a few minutes to do. I’ve been using it to edit my posts!

For when I post something then immediately realise I’ve spelt something wrong


wiki wiki wild wild post

I was referring to this: