I thought Nigel Farage had appeared on Question Time the most out of any guest but I can't find any evidence


Can you? FUCKING google.


it’s literally on the Wikipedia page


Found the answer after maybe 30 seconds on this ultra obscure website called “Wikipedia”




fake news.


I don’t know who hannah bardell is but jeeeezz - poor lady. In Slough as well!


I think the stat usually quoted is since 2007 or something.


Blimey only 2 Tories on that top ten, and from the wet wing of the party as well.


Some interesting guests over the years:

Monty Don x2
Mick Hucknall x2
Jimmy Carr x1
Adam Rickitt* x1

*Apparently Adam Rickitt tried out for the tories…



*Thanks for looking though.


He’s got great abs so maybe that’s something?


Yes, because… never mind.


But you can search for Farage’s name? Seems like he’s been on 31 times. Awful bloke.



2016: 3 times (although he was booked for a further appearance, but got stuck in traffic)
2015: 2 times
2014: 2 times
2013: 4 times
2012: 2 times
2011: 2 times
2010: 4 times
2009: 3 times
2008: 3 times
2007: 2 times

More than any other guest since his first appearance 16 years ago


Oh yeah! That’s when he blamed the traffic on immigration. HAHA.