I thought polaroids were a thing of the past


but Aldi are smashing these out:


What gives?


back in as per

the film is so so expensive


That was short lived. I remember when people were filling their fridges and weeping at the two year expiry dates.


God bless Aldi!


Got 'er indoors one for Christmas, it’s not great. Our flat is now furnished many badly lit Polaroids of the cat.


was clearing out a cupboard yesterday and found one of these in the back:

it’s a tiny printer which you can connect to yr phone and it’ll print photos

i tried it, it’s awful quality and it took about five minutes to print, yet people are buying them on ebay for like £30


People love shit things




Yeah, but when film cameras are so cheap, I can forgive more expensive film. Also, I’ve still got a fridge full, plus a box of 20 rolls of Kodak Colorplus 200 from when Poundland were selling it a few years ago.


Just bought a Polaroid DVD player from Asda if that counts, I hope it does.


I have an instax but I reckon i keep messing up the loading because my film is always overexposed and ugly af. What do you all prefer, printing a photo you take digitally or just snapping and hoping for the best?

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