I thought polaroids were a thing of the past

but Aldi are smashing these out:


What gives?

That was short lived. I remember when people were filling their fridges and weeping at the two year expiry dates.

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God bless Aldi!

Got 'er indoors one for Christmas, it’s not great. Our flat is now furnished many badly lit Polaroids of the cat.


was clearing out a cupboard yesterday and found one of these in the back:

it’s a tiny printer which you can connect to yr phone and it’ll print photos

i tried it, it’s awful quality and it took about five minutes to print, yet people are buying them on ebay for like £30

People love shit things


Yeah, but when film cameras are so cheap, I can forgive more expensive film. Also, I’ve still got a fridge full, plus a box of 20 rolls of Kodak Colorplus 200 from when Poundland were selling it a few years ago.

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Just bought a Polaroid DVD player from Asda if that counts, I hope it does.