I Tue Tue Tuesday evening


Making a stew. And marinating some toms in balsamic and oil for a burrata spectacular in a bit.

GBBO later which is uplifting.


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Supervising the bairn eating his dinner - a frustrating job.

Popping him in bed in an hour or so. Taking him to the science museum tomorrow, should be a decent day out.

Plans for tonight are to mindlessly watch some shit on telly that neither of us really wants to watch. There are so few crossover things we both fancy these days.


What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me
Turn 'round quick and start to run
Find out I’m the chosen one
Oh, no

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Watching 3 billboards. Got soup for tea. Weird email from out letting agents saying we’d served notice, when we haven’t. So that caused a bit of panic. Better pack a bag and have a shave before I go to bed.


Evening. In a standard hotel by an airport (not flying :woman_shrugging:) and doing some work. Got another M&S picnic for tea then going to watch bake off. Blurgh.

My hands are all chapped from the amount of hand sanitiser I’ve used today. I swear the alcohol gel makes the bones in my hands ache.

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Made hash brown casserole and despite using too much role and not enough hash brown it’s quite delicious.

Dunno what I’ll do next.


making @profk


Sitting in my car in a school car park. It’s Tuesday evening.

Hello :wave:

Filling in a form for my work review with a cup of tea.

Going to make chicken burgers for dinner with chips and some kind of coleslaw with whatever is in the fridge :thinking: do pickles go with a chicken burger?

THEN I’ve got carrot cake AND biscuits for watching with the bake off!! OVER INDULGENCE.

Then I will try and be healthy. I will :grimacing:



not working tonight which is a nice change. having burritos for tea and probably gonna swear at a video game and read my book until bed. kind of in the mood for a horror film but probably wont watch one.

Fish pie and peas + Resident Evil movies.

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they are literally designed for it imho, had that exact thing on Sunday (with blue cheese and jalapeno hot sauce)




Is gabbo coming tonight?

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I know I don’t get anything but why the fuck do people just buy these and just have them sitting there doing nothing, they don’t even look cool

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I don’t get them either.

but… Sabbath

flatmate got one of those SAD lights for the living room. Think it’s a really good idea but jesus is it bright, bit much tbh

Toddler bedtime duty, then stir fry (sweet n sour tofu) plus bake-off

I’d only buy one of these if they do an ED-209 one.

They probably already do. But I’ve not seen it, and therefore haven’t tumbled onto the slippery slope that is buying Harry Potter oyster card wallets, temporary tattoos of my favourite Scythe factions, or sniffing posters of some anime chick.