I Tue tue Tuesday morn

God this is becoming habitual. Wake up at three am and remain awake for two hours.

Live long and prosper, peeps.

I’m up. I have no idea why. Apart from that God is my guiding light and the one true God is community.drownedinsound.com

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day





Hi * waits 10 minutes… *


Bit on the nose, Spotify


Anyway, I’m actually doing something today - got a ticket to see Daniel Kitson tonight. He’s doing a tour, performing in venues he likes but without an audience. Local shows were a few weeks ago but we were meant to be away then (didn’t happen), so we’re seeing tonight at one of the Manchester shows. I’m excited!


I completely forgot about Kitson tonight! Woo! Thanks for the reminder.

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how’s elon musk richer than bill gates? don’t really understand it

TFIFF :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Getting in the right headspace

noby peach?

Just the five meetings for me today

Haven’t slept.

Feel bad.

Tuesday’s are always Quite Shit hey?

Have a socially distanced walk mh appointment at 11 but the idea of leaving the house again today is really quite overwhelming. Also that I might have to choose the walking route as I’ll be the only one with enough knowledge of this labyrinthine council estate to not get us lost, but I struggle with making those completely arbitrary decisions when there is no destination.

In more positive news, I still feel some good from how fun D&D was last night :slight_smile:


Because Bill Gates has sold most of his shares in Microsoft, whereas Elon Musk has been holding on to his shares in Tesla.

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Do you think that the day before your new Tesla is due to be delivered, Elon Musk rings you up and sings ‘you’re ooooonly 24 hours from Teslaaaaaa’ down the phone?


omg happy ff!!!

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Thank you, we’re all very excited about it here. It’s also Christmas tree delivery day AND the squiddy gin is arriving.

YAYAYAYY! home xmas tree or work?

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Work, approx. 100 Christmas trees. My home one is not real and will remain in its box until December 9th.

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