I Tue tue Tuesday morn

Morning all.

Currently in a minor struggle with my GF over when to buy out real tree. I’m trying to push back to the weekend after the one coming up at the earliest. She’d buy one tomorrow. Don’t want to have to buy two because we’ve gone early.



Neighbours pumping out loud music until almost midnight and the child up at 5.30am

Send coffee

Morning, been to get my flu jab - quite a slick operation in Glasgow, big halls set up and able to do a dozen people at one time, was in and out in under 5 minutes. Have a half day of sick leave in order to do that and the GP - do I go straight back to work or mooch around for a bit?

you picked a good day for it


I’m imagining one nurse holding a branching stick with 12 individual flu jabs on it.

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Yeah everyone runs forward at the same time in a line and gets jabbed as they go through



coffee en route

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This fine avant-garde clarinettist has to be on @anon19035908’s list


this is a goodun if you havenae seen

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Currently listening to the redundancy announcement at work. My job is safe, for now, but some teams I work with are affected and I’m just so sad.

:frowning: i’m sorry, that sucks. Always an uncomfortable feeling when that’s happening to people around you at work.


Feeling a bit better after some bants with my work mate, hopefully gonna meet up in the office next week and maybe GO TO THE PUB.

Had a coffee with my bf and planned to do a big lunchtime walk on Thursday which i cannot wait for as big sunday walk the other day was so nice :two_hearts:

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gotta do a co-op run, can’t wait to see what amazing deals they have in store for me today!

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covid free since 6am this morning :+1: started with a fever on sunday afternoon, got tested yesterday morning, got my results this morning, well fast. still feel like shit tho :+1:


I’m going to be using a train for the first time in nearly 9 months shortly. Exciting stuff!


yeah think today is a wasted day :frowning:

just eeeeerrrggghhh

Ugh, sorry about that. Yesterday was kind of one of those for me, just could not make my brain go. Horrible feeling.

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Feeling like shit is awful but at least you’re not infectious.


seem to have lost the squished penny from my copy of f#a#\infty :frowning: