"I use spacebar to scroll down the website I'm browsing"

Post some lies, fibs and porky-pies in this thread

I’m having a lovely day so far and I only expect it to improve from here!

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I’m really delighted to hear this


Questions are allowed in this thread

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thank you, your thread is really helping me.

“This is a great thread, Ant!”


My intention with every single one of my threads is to be as unhelpful as possible so I am not surprised to see this

I’m delighted that the coronavirus ends at 3.30pm tomorrow.

Your comment is welcome and constructive

I’m not considering adding this thread to my muting spree

You will be a huge loss to the thread

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Thanks so much, as always your opinion means a lot to me

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I’m using motion controls!


I move away from the mic to breathe in.

I had a really productive day at work yesterday and I really think this working from home is starting to turn around for me