I used to have a job cleaning dishes in a restaurant

but all the work has dried up.


The introduction of dishwashers must have been a real gamechanger

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Yeah, really ruined it for me.

What about the plates, glasses and cutlery?

Are we to believe that they paid you just to clean the dishes?

I hate this thread

It was a restaurant for cats who only ate from dishes.

what was it called?

Then this will be today’s greatest achievement.

You want saucer with that

Well I hope not because they don’t have a saucer cleaner


I have a job measuring the feet of cats and dogs, but it’s currently on paws.

That sort of thing?

I’ve been outplayed.

That doesn’t seem like a real job to me

Was on a skype call with my 50 year old boss and some clients the other day. (This isn’t the joke yet).
He started telling a joke “what’s the difference between people in Dubai and people in Abu Dhabi?”
Stony, very tense silence
“The people in Dubai don’t like the flintstones, but the people in Abu Dhabi Do”
*over the top laughter of relief”

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Ok boomer


The company I work for record the weights and heights of amphibians.

They are all about the my newt details.

That sort of thing?

Ok, fine. Yeah.

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you were a skillet worker