I used to really, really like

having a coffee, an orange juice and a cigarette in the morning.

Nowadays I like having an orange juice and a coffee sometimes but other times not.

When I was 17/18 my breakfast would be a cup of coffee and a rollie


Used to love getting a large vanilla latte from Starbucks and a cinnamon swirl on my way to work. Surprised I didn’t die a Diabetes-related death before I was 25.

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I think it’s because we rarely have any orange juice but we do today so it was at the forefront of my mind.

Also I haven’t smoked cigarettes for maybe 13 years.

Some days I will start the day with tea and biscuits (X2) in bed some days I will not. Doing this almost always makes me feel quite sick until about 11am but I will not stop doing this


I would very much enjoy having that.

I was watching Cracker (Britbox represent) yesterday and he said that he drunk 6-7 bottles of Whisky a week and 50-60 cigarettes a day.


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Just reading that has made me thirsty.

My mum has tea and two biscuits in bed every morning and they bought the dog a special tupperware the size of 2 digestives so the dog brings the biscuits to my mum and my dad brings the tea

what a weird life


That’s fucking phenomenal

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Not sure why but I feel like MC’s are more indulgent than choc digestives even though it’s exactly the same really

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I think the choc digestive is more sophisticated. Maryland cookies give off a real redneck vibe.

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Wish POTW was still a thing. Can’t stop thinking about this


When I worked at a fancy department store in Bath (2009-2012) my breakfast on the way to work every day was a can of coke and a Camel Light cigarette. Great days.


The number of times I have eaten a whole pack of Maryland Cookies in one small sitting is a high number indeed


Cigarettes are good breakfast.

Maybe when the kids have moved out and I’ve retired I’ll have a cigarette for breakfast every day.


Also where I grew up in would occasionally smell like Maryland Cookies and someone started a rumour that the factory that made them was located behind the Mines Rescue Station and I’ve only just now questioned that this might not be true


Why doesn’t dad just get the biscuits, isn’t there dog saliva on the Tupperware?

Dad has always brought the biscuits with the tea but he also likes to teach the dog many tricks and this is one of her tricks.

There probably is dog saliva on the tupperware but have you met a dog person before? they don’t care about that shit. My dad is definitely one of those people that lets the dog lick the ice cream and then continues to lick the ice cream himself.


I used to really, really like a full bag of deep fried scampi for breakfast.