I’ve done it!


well done!

Does this mean you are fluent now?

Is 5 as high as you can go on it then?

Oui, absolutement


They changed the structure of it a couple months ago. After you get past “3” things start to repeat quite a bit

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Make sure to put it on your LinkedIn

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Aye it’s good that there’s a load of new words but it does get very tedious at the lower levels

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I often don’t feel like I’m learning much with it, especially with the mobile version.

It’s really helped my reading and listening skills, but not really speaking and it’s definitely limited in ways of conversation (though I guess there’s no way around that)

Is that the number of words you’ve learned about each subject?

Yeah! The new format is far more demotivating too, not as much incentive to keep your skills hot. Wonder why they made the change.

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1000 consecutive days