I want basically every item here

Nice road, the A24

Finally, a Do The Right Thing themed stress ball.

The Twister tie is my favourite and someone is going to pay like $3000 for it

Wonder how that Nestle chocolate asteroid is tasting right about now?

I would have thought you hated ties. Having seen your penchant for a novelty mouse mat earlier I would’ve put the house on the Bean mat being your favourite.

Dealing with twisters I imagine the last thing you would want is a tie! Or maybe an umbrella! Silly!

I do hate ties. Completely useless items but a tie that is themed on Twister is really, really funny to me

(Created an account to bid for the Bean mouse mat though)

I would like a Good Will Hunting filofax

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Fuck! There’s other auctions as well:

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Really want the Stepford Wives frisbee.

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Kindergarten Cop cardigan

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E.T. phone comb


oh my god i’ve never needed anything as much in my whole life

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