I want these

  • Same
  • They’re shit
  • Already got them mate

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I really like the look of these. Been umming and ahhhhing for about a year over them

Need some decent, new walking boots tbh.

I end up with wet feet every time I take the dog out whenever it’s been raining lately.

Berghaus Hillmaster II gtx are my boot of choice and are amazing

The high front/low back on those makes me uneasy.

Climbed 5 mountains in those. They’re fine. Preferable to every other boot I’ve worn tbf



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These are really nice and they have my size but at £130 they might as well cost a million.

The black/charcoal ones, while not as nice, are much cheaper at 78 quid

  • Get the cheaper black and charcoal ones
  • Save and buy the nicer ones
  • Don’t buy either because you have a pair of old, serviceable (but uncomfortable) walking boots that do the job

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This is the nubuck leather unisex Monty, featuring Mini RipStop panels and a 100% waterproof Hydroguard bootie liner. After listening to feedback from our ambassadors and all of you in the Ridgemont community, we decide to further develop our Monty Hi line for maximum durability in all situations. We’ve extensively field tested these, and feel confident that this new technology adds tons of technical functionality to the Monty Hi, while still retaining the same retro-classic styling that has made them so popular. Dry feet, looks sweet.

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These are £130 as they’ve a waterproof lining. There are better functioning, and probably better looking, boots out there for cheaper tbh

Think I like the colours more than anything