I want to buy a blender

I thought it would be easy but Amazon has made it complicated. My budget is £40 and I would like it to be able to do ice. Can you guys recommend anything half good that you have used?

Can you stretch past £40 at all?


Get yourself a Kenwood mate

I thought it might be good to stick to a good brand but my flat mate got a no brand one that was really good and cheap that I used all the time but now he has moved out.

@discobot recommended the same one! Probably mates though.

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what do you want to use it for? We had this lad and never had any complaints-

(I binned the sharp bits when I was having post-natal anxiety, so we no longer have a working version.)

I’m not sure how this differs from nutribullets > twice the price.
(and would genuinely like to know as I do need to buy a replacement blender soon).

I’ve got one of these which I find very useful:


That one looks great, did cope with ice? I dot think I will put ice in very often but wouldn’t mind having the option.

Yes it did, although at many,many decibels as it ground through the hard matter, which kind of set my teeth on edge.

Another vote for Breville Blend Active Personal Blender Cool Water

(I think this is true however of any blender grinding ice).

Got a Nutribullet last week from a HOT UK DEAL, I’m sure some penoids will say it’s not really a blender but it certainly seems like one to me.


I’m not sure this is a NutriBullet…

All the same innit

I have this and it’s great and it can handle ice like nobody’s business


Erm…hate to break it to you but they’re not. I’ve had the cheap fake nutribullet and it’s rubs and breaks after a while. The real one has a shit load more power.

Oh, I have a real Nutribullet. I don’t know what this Amazon one is. It says it’s from the makers of Nutribullet? No idea.

I thought you had that one from Amazon. The “Magic Bullet”.

Nutribullets are usually about £80-£100 so i’d be surprised if they were down to £40!