I want to buy a radio

I ended up buying a H4 Prestige refurb direct from their website for £120 :+1:

they’re great, built like a tank, great battery life

since the first one was released a lot of other decent quality portable speakers have come on the market but a lot of people still go with the minirig because it’s still excellent quality

two plus the sub makes a really impressive sound, but that’s a total cost of about £350 so not a price point everyone will fancy haha

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viva viva viva la radio

We have one of these



It’s got a CD Player (alright Feeder)

And one of these (now discontinued)


Both have a really nice sound. Better than most portable speakers. Not quite as good as a Sonos

I bought one of these a few weeks back when our old DAB crapped out.

It’s a Which Best Buy, and it’s fine.

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I want to buy a rad
I want to buy a radio
I want to rad it where I like



Have that one as well, in the bedroom. It’s great.

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I too have this pretty little number sitting proudly by the kettle

man radio sucks
except for rinse fm

Radio 4 is GOAT

You can get a Roberts 93i for about 130, might be able to get it for around 100 on Ebay. Sounds great, has radio, internet radio, loads of podcasts, spotify connect and can play music from usb storage.

I’d rather listen to one

Just want the one for now. Like you, I have a grown up B&W system for the living room

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