I want to change the channel. Pass me the

  • Remote (correct)
  • Control (weird)
  • Controller (no)
  • Remote control (unnecessary)
  • Zapper (twat)
  • Buttons (child)
  • Other (other)

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I am playing video games, not on a Wii, using a

  • Controller (correct)
  • Remote (arsehole)
  • Joypad (what are you, animated?)

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my mom calls it the mouse, which is plainly wrong. when I’m round there I like to pretend to not know what she means and just keep handing her random objects until she uses the correct terminology (or shouts at me for being annoying)


God that’s even worse than zapper you’d be absolutely certain someone calling it a buzzer is going to put on dave ffs

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Other - Changer.

The wife calls it ‘the controls’ which is a bit weird.

Got to get home as the footie’s on the:

  • Telly
  • TV
  • Television
  • Box
  • Tube

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You deserve each other

Taskmaster is on Dave and it’s a very good programme.

Has it got that cunt Walsh on?

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really hate when people have quirky names for the remote control.

buttons. zapper. whatever. urgh.


Remote for me, Clive.

Dad calls it the Flicker.

The very thinly veiled goal of this thread was to out any of these worstcunts in our midst

That’s what your mum calls your dad, too


remember one of my m8s at primary school was only allowed to watch 2 hours of telly a day, and had to select the programmes he wanted to watch from the Radio Times. This meant that if a game of football went to extra time, he wasn’t allowed to continue watching it, and this rule was actually enforced during really important games for the club he supported.

Poor bastard.


just replace “football” with “deep space 9”

same thing

Sometimes use ‘doofer’ as well, as it’s what they used to call it on Telly Addicts.

When did you first get a remote control TV? My parents thought that teletext was a passing fad when they bought a new TV in 1983, and so the 14inch portable I got for uni was the first I had.

Where the ‘box’ option?!

Your TV wants to watch something on the TV that you don’t want to watch. You

  • Sit and watch it/play on your phone/laptop in silence, respecting their right to awful taste
  • watch it, occasionally muttering about how shit it is
  • stay in the same room and watch something better on your laptop with your headphones in
  • do something productive with your time in another room/outside

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