I want to get into Van Morrison


please direct me to any particular albums you think i should listen to (not Astral Weeks or Moondance or best ofs).
Or is there a period where he did a lot of stuff worth listening to.

Never got into him - and refuse to judge him by “Brown Eyed Girl”.
As he is revered by many, i thought i better see what the fuss is about.


I don’t know much beyond Them and his early solo stuff but I love this “interview”.


Astral Weeks, Moondance and a best of are pretty much the only ones I’d recommend. As above, Them are a good listen too.


Would also highly recommend Saint Dominic’s Preview. Flipping love that album, ‘Jackie Wilson Said’ and ‘Listen To The Lion’ are great tunes.



Actual brilliance.


Moondance is one of my favourite records, and moondance is the weakest track on it


Tupelo honey is good. All his songs basically all sound the same though.

That album he did just to get out of his contract is pretty funny. Just repeats nonsense phrases over some random strumming



I really love this record but always afraid to say so in case it’s just cheesy bollocks.


it’s a fucking grat record, especially great whe your someplace warm and enjoying a cold beer


and it stooooooned me to my souuul


amen brother


I can’t claim any deep level of knowledge, but ‘Into The Music’ is probably my favourite of his after ‘Astral Weeks’. It’s a bit MOR at times but there are plenty of good tunes. Also, I remember really liking ‘You Win Again’ (with Linda Gail Lewis) but I don’t own it and I haven’t heard it for years (not on Spotify either). It’s just cover versions, but they’re both on great form throughout, obviously having fun and that comes across.


Astral weeks - veedon fleece is a fantastic run of albums. I would also recommend the live album from this era and the expanded edition they released


Veedon Fleece is absolutely brilliant, 2nd only to Astral Weeks for me. I’m surprised it doesn’t get more acclaim to be honest.
No Guru No Method No Teacher from the 80’s is excellent too. In The Garden from that record is simply stunning.
I’ve always had a soft spot for St Dominic’s Preview as well.
The live album, It’s Too Late To Stop Now is worth checking out too,


Veedon Fleece is the one I was gonna mention.

aww man.


yeah - I’m as mentioned above

St Dominc’s Preview
Veedon Fleece
Too Late to Stop Now (the live one) are all great

I also love His Band and the Street Choir