I want to use your track for an unethical advert! Is ok?

Hello! I’m a making an advert for something that you and your fans strongly object to!

My people brought me your awesome track! It is AWESOME! We need you for our advert.

In this bulging envelope I have A BIG AMOUNT!

For you!

Is ok?

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Sadly my record company and publisher own all the rights do I can’t do a thing!

(I once asked this question to Falco re mclusky songs when FotL hadn’t put anything much out and that was the gist of his answer.)

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In the age of poptimism, I’m reactionary scum if I don’t sell out


There’s also the Moby one where he claimed the advertisers said if he didn’t give them permission they’d just record a track just different enough to avoid copyright claims so he gave the cash to charity


See Stiltskin!

Also that Coke advert that ripped off Pulp

And these, too


Currently Pixies have to number one victim.

When i used to get stuff synced through my publisher they always used to check.

I have now assigned a load of my stuff to library so i have no say

Its mostly instrumental work though…plus no one has heard of me anyway.

Take the cash


I got offered a ‘great deal’ a few months ago where a TV channel wanted to license some of my old catalogue (that sits in a multi-way split, and the other writers wanted to agree for some reason?) for an indeterminate period of time with no payment.

That was a no.


Twists my melon some of the surprising original compositions for ads

There was that ad with Leonard O’dicaprio that had some unreleased Boards of Canada stuff, and there were some HSBC spots with Thurston Moore guitar work on em

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I’d really rather not.

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Although that actually was their track in the Levi’s ad and I can’t imagine they’d have turned it down if offered, so do you mean a different ad?

Stiltskin were put together to perform a track written for the advert, because (I think) Levi’s couldn’t get any of the big grunge bands licence one of their songs.


Ah right.

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I think Stilskin wasn’t even a thing; it was just the man who eventually played the guitar in Stiltskin. There were no vocals on the advert either; he was drafted in when the advert became so popular that it was worth making it into a 3 minute song and releasing it.

I assume it was supposed to be a Smashing Pumpkins song. That’s what it sounded like to me.

Better vocals, though.


Oof! Well played!

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Can’t remember what it was for, but there was an advert that was incredibly close to Careful With That Axe, Eugene (early Pink Floyd) AND even cribbed the “shit exploding in slow motion” video for it. Very cheeky.

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Ah, go on then