I was in a small branch of Sainsbury's the other day

and they had one of those notice boards where local people can put adverts up.

On there was an flyer for a therapist. Some sort of psychotherapist, though I cannot be sure of their accreditation status with the BPS.

Anyway, the flyer that was posted to the notice board said “First treatment free with this flyer!” and I thought “oh, that’s quite a good offer”.

But then I thought, it was just one flyer, with no tearoff strips at the bottom, and didn’t state a photo would do, so the first person to see it would have to take off the flyer from the board, and in turn, remove any record of said flyer and potential for future advertising opportunites aimed at anyone else looking for therapists on supermarket notice boards.

Like, the most successful that advertising campain could be is an increases of one patient, and their first treatment is free.

I want a therapist with greater forethought than this.

The search continues.

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i imagine they probably printed a bunch of flyers and were handing them out

then rather than print out a special one for a small branch of a sainsburys, just stuck one of them up there

A good therapist should tailor their therapy for every client, and also tailor their advertising campaigns accordingly. The search continues


hope we have a bidding war to hear me drone on about my various neuroses