I was laying in bed last night

And I was thinking 'is it weird that when people over the phone ask me for my d.o.b I say " 5th of the 8th ‘89"?’ like I say 8th instead of August.

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Also got me thinking about the fact that from Jan 1st 2018, shop assistants would be able to determine you were old enough to buy booze or fags if the year of your birth started with a 1.

Think I managed to get to bed about 3am.

Just the spoken way of expressing the abbreviation 5/8/89 rather than the whole date imo.

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I say this

Reckon the insomnia got me overthinking

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Also probably helps when the person is entering it into a computer rather than them having to think of the corresponding number when you say the name of the month.


And now I’m overthinking!

Exactlyyyyy. I’ve just always said it and I was laying there like woah is it actually more hard work for the person to figure out and then I was like well no cos I know what number corresponds to each month and then I was like well maybe they find it harder andthen so and and so on

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You should say 218 past 1988

I’ve started to annoy the mrs by saying numbers in a longwinded way. So the 5th of August would become the nought billion, nought million, nought hundred thousand, nought thousand, nought hundred and 5th of August.

You horrible creature

Ifth of the elf eydidoo


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Numbers are less likely to get misconstrued over the phone I suppose. Always feel like an absolute boss giving the letters from the postcode in phonetic alphabet as if I’ve seen shit in Vietnam, when in reality I’m just trying to sort out the electric bill.

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Can never, ever remember this when it matters. Or any other words which begin with the letters I’m trying to spell out…

“That’s ‘drspaceman’, all one word, D for… [huge pause] ‘dental plan’??!”


Very weird to say it if it isn’t when you were actually born imo

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possible new avenue for you: go with how the french do numbers

so rather than ‘seventy seven’ you say ‘sixty ten and seven’

rather than ‘eighty three’ go with ‘four twenties and three’

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Always do this because my surname is spelled in a slightly unusual way, and my postcode has a couple of easily misheard letters in it. Also, I was an Air Cadet and my family on my mum’s side have military heritage so I grew up around people using the NATO alphabet (NEEERRRDDDDD)

i voted weird because i don’t say it like this usually but it’s not really weird tbh

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My surname isn’t spelled in an unusual way, but I prounounce my R’s weird so it’s just easier all round.

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March is quicker than ‘the third’ so I just say March, seems like most people say it in numbers though, daft.