I watched these NFL highlights for no reason

Featuring people actually named: Dak, Cre’von and Golden Tate III.

Isn’t Euros Welsh for gold?

Golden Tate III needs to go in that thread for people with ace names. especially if he plays for Golden State (might be a basketball team idk)

Poor old Allen Robinson must feel a right fool.

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Early Sun Kil Moon lyrics, etc.

“I think I kind of grew into it. You can’t really be a dull person with the name Golden, I guess,” Tate said at his introductory press conference Wednesday. “But I’m actually the third and there’s really no super awesome, cool story about it. I just tell people, I figured somebody was drunk at some point, right?”



just to clarify, I think Golden Tate III is a brilliant name, not laughing at it at all.

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Was kind of making this point in a roundabout kind of way.

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