I went to a cafe today

And it had pictures of its food outside. Including this:

What is that thing on the right?


Thought it was a napkin initially, but actually maybe not. Some sort of omelette maybe?

You should’ve ordered it to find out.

The perspective of this photo seems all out of kilter. Like it’s folded across the middle or summit.

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The state of that toast as well.

can’t believe you still went in after seeing that picture


It looks a bit like what’s on the inside of cheap frozen veggie burgers

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Horrible type of vegie sausage?

some kind of nightmare


My guess would have been a rolled up omelette with some frozen mixed vegetables inside for some reason (you know those bags you get that usually have peas, sweetcorn and tiny cubes of carrot?)

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Its an omelette. Breakfast looks perfectly fine tbh.

Some sort of prefabricated rubbery omelette that is a perfect circle and comes frozen in giant catering bags

Look how shit being a veggie is! Haha

So, this was correct then:


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Imagine how bad it looks when they’re not even trying…the egg looks suspect as well

I used to work in a really shit pub that used these:


Looks like something that came out of our guinea pig once


My mum used to work in the school kitchens, so from things I have heard the ridiculous nature of some convenience catering products like these does not surprise me. Horrify me, yes, but not surprise.

Why on earth would you want two of those giant bland tomatoes


I think that might be a fake fried egg, too.