I will confess that i've eaten burritos three days in a row


including for today’s LUNCH.

what will you be having?


Will probably bosh some salt & vinegar McCoys in a cheese and ham sandwich mate


Iv’e had so far:

a bowl of live natural yoghurt with sliced banana, a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and raw cashews and a drizzle of honey
2 crispbread thinks with tuna mayo




i had a taste the difference loaf with ham sandwich, a twix Xtra, and some water.


bagel with tuna mayo (homemade)
bbq beef hula hoops
some nuts and raisins
maybe a lil banana soreen


Starter: Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips

Main: Chorizo + cream cheese bagel

Desert: 2 chocolate digestives with a coffee


Made myself Brocoli pasta for the second day in a row but today’s isn’t as good as yesterday’s


you make your own bagels?? nicee


classic eric IV (ivy? hmm)

I am going to have some bland leftover chili, which will mean I have have had bland chili for three days in a row


goddamn it

i meant the filling


so you mixed some tuna with mayo? nice one!!!


disappointing vegetable wrap, with way too much spinach.

:sailboat: :chicken: :hole: :beach_umbrella:


can never have too much spinach in my view, big fan of the stuff


Someone at work made a big slow-cooker stew with pork and plums, and rice. Part of a lunch club thing we have. It’s a bit hit or miss tbh, but this one was nice.


1 x cheese and cucumber roll
1 x cheese Quavers
1 x banana
1 x Double Decker


sounds pretty sweet. i’m making some baking tonight for the team here as it’s my birthday on friday and someone is leaving, so they’re getting pies in on friday. pretty sweet.





(Apparently that wasn’t descriptive enough, although I think that’s just because ALL CAPS.)


where was it from theo?