I wish it could be Christmas...

Don’t think I know that one, what’s the tune?


  • Mistletoe and wine.
  • No

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To rocking around the Christmas tree

Running around the Kathmandu
Where the fuck is the turkey


…to the tune of ‘Horse with no name’ ?

That’s in the repertoire of every single acoustic guitar playing singer I’ve seen in Sri Lanka and India

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Nanananananananana KATHMANdu!


You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap

  • No.
  • Present from the Christmas novelty section in Tesco

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Has anyone thought about doing an AQOS using the poll function, with hidden results?

Was that a Pop Idol one?

  • Yes
  • No

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to the tune of ‘Leave Right Now’

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Interesting idea but would make doing the scoring a bit tricky. Might work if you did a modified version

Bob the builder (can we fix it) Bob the builder

  • (yes of course)
  • (the budget for social housing is currently under review)

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  • Push pineapple, shake the tree
  • Push pineapple, grind coffee
  • That’s not an appropriately seasonal novelty record m9

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  • Dragon Cunt
  • The old bloke on the moon
  • The bear that couldn’t slow down
  • Other

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I saw three ships come sailing in…

  • on Christmas day on Christmas day
  • on Christmas day in the morning
  • in Kathmandu

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  • In the name of love
  • Hammer time
  • Just stop.
  • Right now thank you very much

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She’s watching Kathmandu
She says she can’t love yooooou


I feel like your exceptional job changing win pushes you into ‘quite a productive year’, surely?

A week before Christmas 2019 and I’m sat on the toilet posting Mull Historical Society puns on an internet message board. Christ.