I wish it were Sunday

Well you’re in luck as it actually is your funday bangles.

Whatcha doin’??

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I’m going to a 5yr olds birthday party later. FML. Letting my wife lounge in bed whilst I sort out the kids. It’s a lovely day outside and I’m going to inside a sports hall supervising a load of rowdy kids on bouncy things

Urgh. Go for a walk after!

I’m up watching gardener’s world with the dog. Want to go buy load of plants etc now

Yeah, gonna have to I think. Wouldn’t ordinarily bother, but it’s my nephew’s party so

Going to B&Q to get paint samples and then to DFS to look at sofas. I hate being an adult.



Pascal didn’t come in when he was called last night so a terrible nights sleep, obviously. And then once we were asleep he started scratching at the back door to come in some time in the early hours. Thanks a bundle cat.

I’m on solo parenting duty this morning but it’s literally freezing out there so we won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable

Morning! Gonna get a haircut and mooch around the city. A bit grumpy this morning as I’ve been up with the kiddo at 5.30 every morning for the last 2 weeks. Oof.

Morning everyone! Done all the evening’s dishes, and my partner has work to finish this morning, so I might just snuggle up on the couch for a bit with the kids and play some Xbox.

Anyone want a Frank photo? He got naked yesterday for his shower and is still in the nude this morning.

Old bastard turns 10 years old in June.


On Tiree for the week! Arrived yesterday and the weather has been kind do far

Supposed to turn wet n’ windy from later today, with the sun returning at the end of the week. Puzzles, card games and reading here we come.


Today will involve toad in the hole, walking dogs, and going to the coast to look for spring migrants. Got to pick the kids up first. They’ve had a sleepover so they’ll be tired and grouchy, alright!



Feeling very rough today. Hoping a McDo breakfast helps.

No major plans - need to get something for dinner and need to take the dog for a leg stretch. Maybe pack some stuff up for moving.

Hard chilling today.

Got a birdwatching buddy


Made a load of wild garlic and cashew pesto yesterday. I’m on countdown to lunchtime already.

Last night we went to see Morbius at the cinema, having read absolutely nothing about it beforehand.

Do not watch Morbius. It’s pure shite.


It’s my nephews 18th today, which seems so weird.

He’s a quiet lad, so no big party we’re all going for a meal at a beefeater.


bad anxiety today so will be sending myself happy thoughts


Just to be clear, I’m looking for birds. Just to allay any fears I’m going full Farage…

Morning. Hungover and en route to Epping to eat some tasty breakfast with my best mate.


Gotta make a birthday cake then tour of flanders/belgian beers this afternoon.

My elder niece and nephew are getting towards that age. Can be nice seeing them develop into young adults but also quite weird at times.