I woke up weirdly paranoid that a form on a clients website wasn't working

I did some work on the website about two weeks ago and I woke up thinking shit, what if I did something that made the form stop working. I don’t think I actually checked it.

Pick up my phone and I have a single work email. Its a form submission, from that website, some spam SEO thing. So the form is working.

Fucking unbelievable.


It’s awful when you dream about work. Literally no escape.


But it was like my brain knew I’d received an email from that form whilst asleep

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I was working on a rare longer-term project a couple of months ago that ran over a couple of weeks and I just couldn’t stop dreaming about it, it was horrible. When I worked in catering I used to dream about that really vividly too, I’d wake up muttering table numbers

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Did you wake up earlier and sleepily check your phone before falling asleep again?

When I’ve had shit jobs that gave me anxiety I used to dream about them every single night. Really unbearable


Sometimes I dream about spreadsheets


I did, but about an hour before the email arrived

Ah, just magic then

I still wake up in cold sweats about customers driving off from the pumps at a petrol station attendant job i had when i was about eighteen. Once a week minimum.


Hey buddy, it’s M. Night Shyamalan on the phone. He says you can name your price. :money_mouth_face:

when I was working on a desktop app years ago I spent ages worrying about the colour scheme to use, how to use it etc. and one night I had a dream where I was still just working through the colour scheme and finally cracked it. thought that somehow I’d dreamt the solution up, but nope, looked like shit IRL when I tried to implement it. useless.

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I mean, it worked for Kekule (although he was also originally slightly wrong, but did produce fundamental advances in the understanding of benzene so, y’know)

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I suspect the app I made will have slightly less benefit in the long run sadly. unless you’re an auditor who doesn’t like writing letters to banks asking them to confirm how much the company you’re auditing has in their bank account, in which case you’d maybe enjoy it somewhat?

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Hey, I don’t know how much I have benefited from a greater understanding of benzene, don’t do yourself down.


Reckon that was actually an autofellatio dream, you know.

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Mine is A-level art. I find out I haven’t been attending the classes and have about a years worth of coursework to do in a few days.


I had a dream the other night that we were just about to walk out of the office after a night shift and the fire alarm went off. Had to go and stand in the yard at the assembly point like lemons.

Think I’d be sprinting for the (main) exit and jumping in my car if that ever actually happened.


Because you would be the arsonist.

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