I would like to see Mövenpick ice cream become more widely available in the UK

Do you have the influence to help?

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Ice cream Union is better

If you’re looking to see a niche european product shipped over here and sold for great cost London is your friend (and always will be)

I’m afraid that doesn’t hold any nostalgia value for me. Happy for all good ice creams to become more widely available though.

Used to sell that at our pub.

(Pub still sells it AFAIK, it’s just not our pub anymore)

Yeah last time I had it was in Osterly Park the summer before last. I think Ocado do it too.

Is this in Winchy (if I may)?

There’s one in Shepperton, that’s near your non-London endz isn’t it? One in Twickers too.



So unless you live in the deepest, darkest North, you can have it delivered to your door.

There’s a place in Cambridge that sells it. You should try moving somewhere less provincial, mate. Like the Fens.

A what? Vendor? I used to live across the river from Shepperton, now a little way away.

Squires Garden Centre. Take the family out for a lovely Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been there in the last couple of years and didn’t notice!!!

Get on it chief!

‘Squire’s Café Bar offers an extended range of freshly prepared food including hot and cold meals, a creperie making sweet and savoury crepes to order, a salad bar, fresh Swiss Movenpick ice cream and Illy coffee available from dedicated coffee stations’

Still if you have to go a Garden Centre to get it itis not as widely available as I would like (ie Tez, Sains, Waz or Spenos).

Go fuck yourself then!

They have it in all Squires!!!

I would like to try some now after all this Movenpick chatter.

Just outside, yeah.

Go to Osterly Park as they have a great range of flavours, better than Ocado (apologies to ufox).