Iain's Proper Croque Monsieur



So which one of you is ‘Iain’?


would quite like to boot iain in the croque


Why is his name in inverted commas? Why does he think he’s so fucking important that he needs to go under the alias ‘Iain’? What a cunt (didn’t click the link)


Can she not have wafer thin ham Barbara!?


They’re all bullshit names, Dave. All bullshit names. ‘Elena’.


I mean, this is real shooting-fish-in-a-barrel stuff but:


he’s putting 500g of ham and turkey into 4 slices of bread



And I don’t want to go full Kirsty Allsopp, but wtf?!


A friend of a friend from Newcastle has been picked for one of these things.

They’re not using his real name


in france that is known as a croque madame



not saying i wouldn’t eat it


I forget what the advert is for but that bloke who told his wife he loves spicy things even though he doesn’t so he makes a chilli that’s really hot but dumps a load of sour cream into his own portion then claims he’s had to do it for 10 years. Dude, stop fucking lying to your wife you brainless cunt.


Never forget

Never forgive


Well hungry now


Yep, same campaign! Classic ‘David’


Ah I like ham and turkey. But that’s too much ham and turkey isn’t it. Surely?


I was just reading the Tesco magazine! Lovely bit on foodie Claire trying to save £600p/m by not going out.

One of her top discoveries is: 'Cooking a ‘fakeaway’ at home is a huge money-saver.

I believe fakeaway means meal.


SIR RS KC’s got my back though:

SIR RS KC • 6 hours ago

I guess divorce in on the cards now after 15 years?


You have to eat a fakeaway out of a foil tray.


600 pounds in one month is a lot of money to spend on food, let alone save on food!

how many people does claire have to cater for? I expect around 8-10 per day?