Ian Brown's not even Mancunian really

Born in Warrington and then moved to Altrincham

  • He’s a Manc
  • He’s not

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He’s got his own brain

An anagram of his own name

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Not a lot of people know that he used to live in Dorset for a short time, but quickly relocated because

and I quote

Poole’s cold

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NWO Brian

Chicago Bulls Wrestling GIF by WWE

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he’s addressed this



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Bon Chicka-hey-hey
hulk hogan 90s GIF

Mike Skinner isn’t even from London.

Ian Brown used to live in Poole

no, he left fairly quickly


Ian Frown. Cheer up mate!

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Saw him at Glastonbury doing a DJ set and he kept saying shit on the Villa. I did an Ian Frown at that


This is now the wrestling thread

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Dry your eyes, mate.

I was an original p-Irate material that day

This defo works


Until that unsavoury incident in the sea when dolphins were monkeys for a few unpleasant minutes.

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