Ian William Craig - London gig tonight - Free ticket

Hey DiSers,

I can no longer make tonights Ian William Craig gig at Olso, and want the ticket to go to a good home.

Anyone want it? It’s e-ticket from WeGotTickets. It says no reallocation, but i’m sure it’d be fine with my details.

Any takers?

Anyone else go to this? Thought it was really good, I’ve only listened to some of his stuff but still enjoyed it, was quite funny at the end when he went to thank everyone but still had tons of reverb and echo on the microphone.

Also probably the most respectful audience for a gig in London, usually there is at least one or two twats talking through it but was pretty much silent throughout, you could even hear someone opening a can of beer from the other side of the room,

^this. It was absolutely perfect, for both IWC and the excellent support (Resina) too.

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Yeah it was good wasn’t it? Slightly surprised how underattended it was, although I suppose it was a Monday night. But nice to have plenty of elbow room rather than in a rammed cafe oto.

I’m on a roll - in the last 3 weeks I’ve seen grouper bill Callahan and iw Craig
and not a single self important idiot jibber jabbering through the performance at any of them.

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Despite missing Monday i’m seeing him on Friday in Brighton, so all good. Odd that this was so under attended, after Oto sold out last year.

@Prob500 - thats quite the hat-trick of gigs and audiences!

I wasn’t at the gig, but I saw Resina at a Daylight Music gig last year and was really impressed.