Ians: good and bad

He would object to being an afterthought

And to being lumped in with Ians

I’m a bad Ian, because I never refer to myself as Ian. Might as well not even be called Ian for all the good it does.

sorry to tell you this but your name is colin

lan cable: quite useful

Ian Broudie - Bad for one reason only. That song.

I go by many names ericVII if that even is your real name.

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n… yes

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Ian Richardson: good. I can say that, but he couldn’t possibly comment (only partly because he’s dead)

gone but not forgotten

Ian Khama, former president of Botswana: generally good, but he’s gonna getcha.

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Good: Broudie
Bad: Brady

McKellen, got to be one of the best Ians going. Probably second only to from work.

I have heard he is pain to work with. Changes his mind a lot

Oooohhhhhh gossip

Was struggling to think of his name recently and settled on Brady…