Someone mentioned this a while go, I think in the Spotify thread.

Anyone used it? Seems like a great idea in practice, especially as someone who would much rather own music and give artists what they deserve, but does like the usefulness of Spotify.

Feel like signing up and giving it a whirl but it’ll be an arseache to upload my whole library for it to turn out to be shit.


I’ve been trying this out. Seems good.

Waffle follows


When you sign up you have to choose an app to act as the uploader. I chose MediaSync Lite. It’s free. You point that to your music folder and it starts a scan then uploads. First time it uploaded about 150 tracks, then started a process where it said ‘checking preloaded tracks’ (or something like that), That took several hours and then it just kind of stopped. I left it to it but eventually realised it had just stopped working. No response so I quit the app and relaunched at which point it wouldn’t let me log back in. Thought maybe there was a limit of uploads even though it doesn’t say it. Gave it another go the next day and this time no problems logging in, it did the check first, identifying the 150 tracks I’d already loaded and then started uploading.

After that all went pretty smoothly. It failed once more but I think that was probably due to my internet going down and it picked straight back up again. I’ve got my music files on an external drive so I just connected it to a laptop I could leave on. I’ve got 30,000 tracks and it took about 4 days in total for everything to upload. Flacs take a lot longer than mp3s. I imagine it would have taken weeks to upload if all my files had been flacs.

My main concern is how do they make their money? No ads, no limits on the files you can upload, doesn’t seem to be any kind of pro tier. Maybe the plan is to get you to upload and then introduce paid tiers?

App is decent - all subjective but I’d say not as good as Apple Music but certainly as good if not better than anything I’ve used on android. Takes a few minutes to work out it’s vagaries. All seems to work on my iPad and android phone, no problems with drop outs on mobile network but you can do local downloads as well.

Doesn’t seem to limit how many devices you can add so my partner is using the same library, could theoretically share all your music with a lot of people!

When you add new albums to your library I think you need to do the scan again (although I may be missing something as I think in theory it syncs) but it does this super quick so it’s not a pain.

Haven’t spent ages using it but so far it seems brilliant. I’d looked at other options like this and they seemed to be about $5 a month and always looked suspect. Google never worked properly on Mac for me. I quit streaming a few months back so this is a great find.

Hope that helps, any specific questions just ask and I’ll take a look and see if I can work it out.

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Lovely, thanks very much! All very helpful.

I might give it a bash when I’ve got some time to leave it going. There’ll be a lot to upload but if it looks like it’s sticking around it’ll be worth it.

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