ICC Champions Trophy 🦗 🏆

Thought we should prolly have a dedicated thread considering our Brave Island Nation are potential favourites here. Only England could look so menacing and then so limp over the course of a couple of ODIs. So England vs Bangladesh at 10:30am this morning from the Oval.

  • Stokes is a bit injured but being played anyway :thinking:
  • India smashed Bangladesh a couple of days ago so we should be making hay in the sun here :sunglasses:
  • A slight embarrassment of riches means there might not be much room for Bairstow :sweat:
  • India are going to win it overall aren’t they :man_with_turban: (there’s no India flag emoji so I’ve had to go with man_with_turban)

m9, less than 2% of the Indian population are Sikhs. Really not happy with that emoji.

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Oh, may as well make a cricket comment while I’m here: Australia are going to win this aren’t they? Fuckers.

Who will win?

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka

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The fact that we can’t squeeze Bairstow in our best lineup is really something. I’ve been up and down the top 6 trying to work out who he can replace, the only realistic candidate is Roy (plus a reshuffle), and that isn’t on the cards for the moment. #niceproblemtohave.

Dangerous game betting against Australia in ODI tournaments, but I’m going to say South Africa on the basis that they have the most rounded team and one that is likely to perform regularly in English conditions.

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I get that they want to stick with Roy but boy does he need a score.


Lots of possibilities. NZ have a habit of knocking over Australia early in World Cups. Normally the Aussies have time to recover and go on and win the thing, but if they lose here, then they’d have to beat England, or go home early. OTOH Bangladesh knocked over NZ in their last match - could we see three teams on 2 points and run rate deciding progression?

I’m not sold on the NZ team, too many quite good but not great all-rounders (very much like a poor man’s England).
SA will choke as always, and the sub-continental teams are in the wrong conditions, so therefore by default England will win. unless they don’t .

Morgan choosing to bowl first and Ball playing ahead of Rashid. I think there might be a bit in the pitch.

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I’ve already voted as @JohnM, don’t want to give the Aussies any extra ‘props’.

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If you can’t beat them, @JohnM


I don’t like it when we bowl first. No further analysis.

Really enjoyed that Bangladesh anthem.

Never heard it before. Proper decent.

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Do the players sing along these days or do they still all stand there looking awkward?

One of the better versions of god save our bloody ruddy gruddy brave proud bloody queen, too

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There’s no-one in the ground! How can England not be selling out the Oval for the opening match of a proper tourney?

Wish they’d change it to Jerusalem and have done with it.

Really love Woody :grin:

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