Icc women's world cup🎉

Can’t find the bat icon, sorry.

Great to see Sarah Taylor back, really hope she gets some runs.

Be interesting to see how many of the sub continental teams are competitive this time.



Still reckon England can make this chase if Knight stays in.


#Cricket! :cricket:


Brunt can give it a smack but I’m not sure she’s going to be able to stick around long enough for this chase…

Arrgh. Oh dear. When did the India team get so good in the field?

Got to love the sri Lankan anthem. Brunt seems more in song today than against India from that first over

Is a DiSser actually writing for CricInfo now?

In the England - SL match:
5.5 " Siva: “3 maidens in a row…Would this be a record?” It’s not quite the greatest run of Maidens in history. That came between 1982 and 1988 (Number of the Beast to Seventh Son…) "


Just seen the WI score :worried:

Come on folks, the semi final is about to start. Gather round. Absolutely no way the women can do as badly as the men yesterday. No way at all. Nope.

Absolutely hooping around for Shrubsole.

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Hooping right onto off stump!

She played all around that one. Decent breakthrough, especially after the overturned LBW her previous over.

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What a stumping!

And a fifty for Taylor after all that superb glovework. Just brilliant.

Close finish this. Should be England’s now but…

Fairly sure Wilson got out as I pressed post.

Never in doubt


Huh guess India are fans of DRS now. Come on Sarah Taylor!