Ice Breakers - Team Awayday

Have got to come up with an ice breaker session for a team awayday at work. Needs to be about 10-15 mins long.

Any suggestions or anecdotes about some you have experienced gratefully received.


‘3 most embarrassing places you’ve ever farted’ but one is lie.


Group into teams, give everyone a bag of spaghetti and (vegan?) marshmallows, give a prize to the team who built the highest structure that stood standing.

Group into teams, give everyone a box of 2x4 lego bricks, see which team can build the lowest bridge that doesn’t collapse and a member of their team can fit under.

We’ve got similar planned for the afternoon session but I need to come up with a shorter idea for the morning.

Sorry seeing the the words “ice breaker” and “away day” together have just caused me to kill myself.


Last time I had to endure the “share something interesting about yourself one”, about seven people said “I’ve been scuba diving”.

You’d think after the sixth one they’d realise that that’s not interesting.


Absolutely. There’s several other words I could add that would be similar to a public sector version of bird box.

You should have said ‘I’ve NEVER of been scuba diving’

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Oh I’ve been there. Done the interesting fact thing so many times at the last event I could only come up with the fact I have no middle name. That was a dark day.


Get an enormous block of ice and some pick-axes.

“I’ve got a terrible phobia of scuba divers”


Alright, @saps


Once many years ago in a tutorial group we were meant to share our hobbies as an ice breaker. I was 18 and my hobbies were binge drinking so I panicked and said I played the piano. Some total prick beside me immediately started asking what pieces I liked to play. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


I’ll bring the thermoses.

Chinese Whisper* pictionary. picture at one end of the room only seen by one person. have to pass information down a chain of 3-4 people to the artist at the other end who based on the information they get has to draw it.

it’s pretty funny

*Is “Chinese Whisper” an acceptable term nowdays?

At my last one we did pictionary about things the team had done in the last 6 months. One of my colleagues drew (what appeared to be) a pair of tits.

order a giant ice statue. if the team is able to completely disintegrate it within 2 minutes using the icepicks provided, they get to go home

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get people to have a Brexit chat and they’ll be talking for ages.