Ice Breakers - Team Awayday

Did you see that ludicrous display last night etc

  1. Out of your ear
  2. Out of your nose
  3. Out of your butt

Wait that’s two lies…or is it?

Ice Breakers - Team Awayday
9.1 Best new music


Sod that. Think I’m going for an improv workbased musical where we all stand in a circle and take turns making up and singing a line in Broadway style about our office.

“My prison psychologist always told me that I would never make parole until the board believed that I no longer wanted to murder everyone who had ever been scuba diving.”

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I’d do that for fun!

Had to make paper aeroplanes at one (mine flew the furthest, some smart arse just balled the paper up and lobbed it [mine still went further])



Team Awayday Ballbreaker


Anyone helping with suggestions is a scab and against the “Make Icebreakers go away forever” movement.


One thing I like for workshops is using the car park technique, where you get everyone to list/park ideas that aren’t relevant or not being addressed at your workshop. It’s a mixture of wonderfully controlling, patronising and passive aggressive as it acknowledges people will bring up all kinds of irrelevant shit because they can’t help themselves. Really sticks it to the constant moaners who want to sound off about everything in their working life. Then you’re supposed to say you’ll do something with what they park at the end but blahblahblah

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No action has ever been taken as a result of something written on a flipchart on a Team Awayday.

That’s a great point ccb, but not quite what we were here to talk about. Let me pop it in the car park and we can make sure it’s highlighted as to be addressed at a later point
smug grin while writing ccb’s stupid, irrelevant point on flip chart


My most memorable experience of icebreakers happened when I asked for each delegate to share an interesting fact about themselves. Went around the table without any issue until the final delegate - a quiet little girl from the Upminster office. She introduced herself politely, said what she wanted to get out of the training session, then told everyone she had a pierced clit.


Probably best to announce at the start that there are no icebreakers and watch everyone immediately become more relaxed and cooperative.


For extra pass aggression, write it down in such away that no one will be able to decipher what it was when they read it back

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Place the whole sheet in recycling bin in full view of everyone at the end when leaving

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Love the take a photo of it on your phone excuse whilst doing this

raises hand

If I may, should the car park not be named something else? I get that it’s some kind of metaphor, but ccb’s point isn’t a vehicle and so it’s quite difficult to understand what you’re doing here. I feel if we can thrash this out then we can get back onto the matter at hand without being so distracted.