Ice Cube Tray Thread

I’m really very keen to learn about each and every one of your Ice Cube Trays if at all possible.

What is the capacity? Current status? Shape? Ever put anything other than water in it?

You know, just the basics. Thank you.


It was a good tray


I once filled up a plastic egg holder/tray thing in a new fridge-freezer combo with water and froze it thinking it was an ice cube tray. Told the TV it was weird how they were ‘funny little semi-circle shaped moulds’. When she saw them she said I was a fucking idiot.

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3 x silicon moulds with lids. Small ice cubes though. Prefer my cubes chunky.

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Tres ice cube


Twenty Four in 4 rows, you can twist a knob to disgorge two rows at a time.

2 trays. 1 Square, one square with rounded edges. Water only. Fastidious topper upper

I bet you can you dirty old bollocks


1 tray, 12 spaces, not even proper cubes, they’re wider at the top. Fucking rubbish.

  • My freezer came with an Ice Tray Cube
  • I purchased an Ice Cube Tray individually
  • I have an Ice Cube Tray but no idea where it came from

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Should be multi choice.

There’s a standard square cut one that came with the freezer and also we purchased an additional one with round moulds. We did have (maybe still do somewhere) one that had star-shaped moulds too.

big fan of ice cubes and will often eat one as a snack

standard 2 2 X 10 trays but keep the cubes in a bit of tupperware to keep things topped up

Ice is horrible if you’ve made it with the fucking bollocks hard water you get down here in the south east. All the calcium in it.

  • I don’t have an ice cube tray

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I don’t have an ice cube tray

Was trying to find a picture of a tray with a picture of the rapper Ice Cube on it but couldn’t.

Any plans to get one?

We have 1.5 ice cube trays, one classic trapezoidal one and half of one of those silicone bottomed ones that produces ice rounds. It’s a half because my partner forgot it had the push out bottoms and thwacked it against the worktop too hard

I fill both up on the regular and prefer the large classic cubes


Got this. Doesn’t work very well.