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What the fuck is that artwork


LOVE this! Knew the climax would deliver. They’ve gone full 90s too which I appreciate. Big heady mix of influences but still feels quite unique and still feels like Iceage most importantly.

Looks like they’re on Mexican Summer now

Absolutely loving this

Good label but certainly not one I would expect them to be on.

Yer man Lard just played the new single. Sounds great.

New album is called Seek Shelter, out May 7. New single is already on streaming services.



Dinked edition pre ordered cause why not

Also must have been way further into sessions with Sonic Boom than I realised cause they were recording literally the week lockdown 1 started. Along with Parquet Courts & Arcade Fire they were the ones that were in sessions when it happened.

I really like this give me anything you can vaguely dance to these days and it is hook it up to my veins time:

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I’m so hyped for this one.


Liking the new stuff.

Just saw a recent picture of the band on their Instagram and they are looking their age and then some. Maybe it was taken the day after they finished the record or something, but I think they’re a bit younger than I am - yet wearing a lot more late nights and worry.

Absolutely love this, the choir gives it a proper sway-along Brit rock feel, but it’s actually really good

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Sort of mad how they’re basically channeling Embrace and 90s Brit lad rock on this new stuff and they could be pretty big within that demographic if they started playing on those kind of Courteeners-y bills, isn’t it?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a ‘cool’ modern band actively try out that sound and make it actually be listenable, but I love this.

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Did XL and Matador pass on this album? Madness if they did. Sounds a bit like Spiritualized/Spaceman 3 which is probably unsurprising with Pete Kember being involved.

Still 3 singles in this can only be a great album from now on, surely.

Bands like this can often get much better deals with smaller indies now than larger ones in terms of royalties/length of time the label owns the album (if at all)/distribution stuff.

It’s not really a case of larger indie label = good, particularly if it’s a band made up of multiple people where you’re needing to split money around.

I’ve only just caught up with these singles, really great stuff. Brilliant songs but also liking the richer production on them too. Particularly love ‘Vendetta’. Defo getting the vibe of the earlier, scuzzier, work of Happy Mondays.

A band whose albums I quite like and one I always expect will kick on with the next album but then it’s always, “pretty good, 7/10”. Feel like this could be the one that takes that leap forward.

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Massive primal scream 'damaged vibes albeit in a good way

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Gigs that might actually happen…

No Manchester or Liverpool date is very weird