Ooh stereo would be good

I haaate it when this happens! I think Ought did it too on what was probably their last ever UK tour, so couldn’t see em

its annoying because i might just get Leeds tickets and drive it (or Nottingham), but they could then tag on a Manchester night (they’re doing Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham ffs!) and then I’d much prefer that.

If you’ve never been to bodega in Nottingham it’s only about 150 capacity. I’m excited to see them in such a small venue

Yeah I’ve been there before it’s a great venue

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just having my first listen to the record there and yeah, IT GOOD

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My god Shelter Song is an absolute stunner isn’t it? Just stays on the right side of influence Vs plagiarism


Good to hear - somehow I always find their singles a bit annoying and shapeless. The songs themselves are good but I need the full album before I can ever fully enjoy them - plus their production always sounds so different to whatever else is going on that they can suffer in playlists next to other artists while you’re waiting for the album to arrive.

Tldr: glad to hear this, the singles sound interesting but I want them in CONTEXT!

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Production is very soupy on this

Gold City and Shelter Song are two of my favourite songs of the year. Rest of the album maybe struggles to keep up but it’s very good


While I agree I think other songs meet their level with a bit of time, I think the final three of Dear Saint Cecillia, The White Powder Blue and The Holding Hand are all brilliant in too for instance


I do not like this band, just thought those of you that do may enjoy this meme


Having a first listen now - I’m somehow getting Primal Scream vibes from the opening track. In a good way though. Might be the gospel elements.

I’m proper loving this now - so many wonderful moments, the gospel on Shelter Song, the ‘BA-BA-BA-BAAAA’ stuff on Vendetta, the Crooneriness of Drink the Rain and the contrition of Gold City. Agree also that the last three tracks bang. Probably my favourite album so far this year.


Brilliant album this. Feel like I can really imagine being at a festival with them playing these songs, sweaty, beer soaked. Will be very curious to see what their setlists are like now.


Just been to see them in London. Last minute decision and haven’t listened to the new album at all. The above comment is SO true, but it’s mad how it still feels like a organic progression from their previous albums whilst still feeling very Iceage.

(Great gig btw, very fun, sounded tight)


Last minute?! Wasn’t it sold out? :wink:

Looks like March tour is cancelled for non-Covid reasons. Actually a bit of a result for me because I wasn’t fussed about seeing them again at the Electric Ballroom after the good Moth Club show.

Annoying for me. They were playing a 200 capacity venue in nottingham which would have been great