This is a thread about icebreakers; love them or hate them.

I’m still a bit annoyed about an icebreaker for yesterday’s team building day, where we were “on a sinking ship” and the only way to survive was to find all the people who had the same particular thing in common. Round one was ‘number of siblings’, so everyone shuffled quickly around the room shouting numbers at each other. The really shit bit was you had to link arms with the people you matched with. FIVE ROUNDS of this shit there was.

Number of siblings, birth month, number of foreign languages you speak - I can’t remember the others.

Great way to start the day, having people shouting numbers at me, grabbing me, linking arms and pulling me close.

But anyway, here’s three things about me and one of them is a lie!

Icebreakers. What you got on the subject of icebreakers, DiS?

Tell my colleagues on this training course i said… hello

Don’t mind the ones that aren’t super cringey. But I’ve got traumatic memories of standing around in a circle and having to clap, and then someone doing a dance move and everyone else having to copy it.

I think this was shortly before we watched an animated version of Who Moved My Cheese?

It was a team building day, warny, we were building a team!

What is this, please?

Change management through the medium of mice.

This mainly:


a motivational business fable?


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The best icebreaker is when you get everyone to stand up in turn and say what they hate most about team building events.

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Oh this would be great!

“sadpunk, you’ve been going for 20 minutes, it’s time for other people to have a go!”

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On the first day of my journalism course we were split into groups, given a list of people with different characteristics (age, health, jobs, family etc) then told they were all on a sinking ship and had to decide who got on the lifeboats. My team decided that we should give all children a free pass then run a random ballot for the rest, as being the fairest way to choose.

When we explained this afterwards, the tutors looked at us like we were mad, apparently we were meant to choose based on what would have been most newsworthy or something.

I was not a very good journalist.


In all seriousness:

Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how to build a decent team without it (a) being cringe or (b) revolving around alcohol? Over the next couple of months I’ve got five new starters in what will be a team of nine.


Would be loads more fun!

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I’ve also seen that film, and got given the book by work whilst facing possible redundancy surprisingly

The worse one I have ever undertaken was, and I shit you not, a hat with bits of paper in them, and you picked them out. On the paper was Disney animated movies, and you had to sing or mime one of the songs from the movie so that other people can guess.

Fucking Texas, man.


Big fan of this one right now

I think I’m at a point where I’d comfortably refuse to take part

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+4 strength?


I think

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have never had to do one