Had an awful one once where you had to go around the room introducing yourself to people and saying what your job was without using your job title, so e.g. instead of saying “Hi, I’m Dr Epimer, and I’m a patent twat” you had to spout some bollocks like "I help people convert innovation into a commercial advantage.

The worst thing about it was that everyone in the room was a patent twat, because it was a corporate away day at a whole firm of patent twats.


Imagine you just got to break some real ice, and the good vibes that would ensue

That would be great! Just hammering a block of ice to feel better about being on a team day.

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So many of these. Really hate them.

A common one is to tell people something about yourself that people might not know. This requires me to think about how I am perceived by other people, which is the gateway to massive anxiety. One time I ended up saying that I had two lawnmowers FFS.

I’ve done the one where you have to fall backwards and the rest of the team catch you. So many things wrong about that I don’t know where to begin.

I had this as my coaster at work for a while.


Sorry, but I laughed at this.

But totally agree, I hate the ones where you have to talk about yourself. My brain always chooses this moment to instantly forget anything remotely interesting about me so it’s just fucking awkward.


How about


Was the cartoon super lo-res with distorted sound that had clearly been ripped from an old VHS tape too?

It’s such a condescending piece of shit that book/film/exercise. The book I was given after doing it stayed in my car boot for the next two years and I took pleasure in leaving it in there when it finally went for scrappage.

I still like to think of going through the industrial crusher before making its final voyage encased in a cube of car on the back of a shipping container heading out to China.

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Fucking love a bit of Laser Quest!

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i’ve run quite a few training courses over the years and have found that people relax a lot quicker when i tell them right at the start that there’ll be absolutely no team building or ice breaker shite

i don’t even ask people to introduce themselves, just have them write their names on stickers and have them on display as i found that some people even found it stressful having to introduce themselves to a group of strangers


A pickaxe is pretty good I hear

Good lie for two truths and a lie is
‘I’m really excited about today’


I think not over-thinking it, but just having people together doing something where they can make small-talk and have a good time works well. So things like going bowling, going for a meal together - anything reasonably pressure-free but with you all in the same place. We had this situation in my team a year ago and did a load of different things - DM if you want/need!

I know most people hate icebreakers but the thing about them is I just carry on ignoring people afterwards as if we’ve never broken the ice in the first place, in fact, I might ignore them even more as a result of them.

That said, there was an exercise at our induction that involved sending a photo of a building in beforehand and writing what you liked about them then reading it out. This wasn’t an ice breaker at all really but it was 100% up my street and I’d like all events to involve asking me to tell people about buildings.


Did a team thing around Christmas where you go around central London solving Alice in wonderland themed clues, going into various shops and galleries and stuff, seemed alright for a team building thing

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Very on brand for you that the tamest anecdote you can think of is exposing yourself to a stranger mid-wee.


done one a few times where everyone has to work together to lower a cane/stick to the floor when it’s just resting on your fingers. Its a classic looks easy so everyone mocks yet in reality most people fail and end up looking like idiots (which they are so…)

Yea i hate them. Forced social interaction ugh.

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That’s the kind of story that would make icebreakers brilliant!

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“So I was travelling back from Strasbourg and had to change trains in Paris at Gare du Nord, right…”


Ive done similar things on occasion and I hate them -but then the ones I did involved having to ask strangers to take wacky photos of the group etc, I think I’d be fine if we just had to look at/ find stuff

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