I am going to Iceland very soon. Is there anything GOOD you can recommend? Am I going to be bankrupt afterwards?

Never been. Supposed to be very scenic though, try and see some of the scenery.

[[Insert Frozen Food Joke]]


You can just refuse to pay any debts incurred while in Iceland if you like I think.

I think this might be why I’ve always put off going there, it’s not like I wouldn’t make the joke myself though.

really fucking expensive, like to buy bread and ham was around £10. The best place we found to eat was here:

was very nice, and comparatively cheap.

I also went on a bus tour of some of the sights, like the gesers, the tectonic plates, some hot springs and the golden waterfall. The guide was fantastic. He talked non-stop for about 9 hours about how him and his friends wanted to make up stories about lava snakes so more tourists would visit caves, how farmers go to the bar on their horse so they can get drunk as fuck and then hop back on the horse to take them home, and about how his sister wanted to speak english with a perfect scottish accent.


Pre-book your airport transfer, I didn’t realise we needed one and spent an unacceptably large chunk of our spending money on one when we landed.

Do excursions, loadsa excursions, pre-book those as well.

Good review

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nah it’s well cheap. i recommend the mini fillets. also i think they still sell those £5 lobsters. i go to asda now tho cos there’s no iceland in my area.

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How long are you there for? I’ve been a couple of times - here is a post on the south coast - Jokulsarlon is my favourite bit.

I went back last year and did the Westfjords (amazing scenery, but a lot of driving) and the north coast along to Akureyri (fun town, good food and coffee) and Lake Myvatn, which has some lovely walks and an amazing (if expensive) ice cave.

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Where bounce in Iceland u going hun?

I spent a week there in January staying in Reykjavik, Hvammstangi and Akureyri with driving in between these places.

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My favourite thing was going to Deildartunguhver and meeting the fattest, friendliest dog ever

Pets in general in Iceland were pretty great. matt on Instagram: "Probably owe this cat a couple of apologies. 1, for how much @tillymak harassed him. 2, for interrupting when he was hunting an eider duck."

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Just prepare yourself that the hot water smells like farts.


oh yeah, all of the water smells like farts. even the cold water you’re meant to drink. I drank so much pop over a week because it was one of the cheapest liquids to buy from supermarkets and I couldn’t stomach drinking the tap water.


Really? I don’t remember the cold water smelling weird. Oh well.


Wait, is this in Chester?

This is strong knowledge, thanks.

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that’s glasgow meight