Hey guys! I’ve decided to live my best life and travel and I’ve found cheapy flights to Iceland next week. What’s the best things to do? To see? Best vikings to fight etc. I’m gonna visit all the wool shops going obv and hopefully see the northern lights but yeah, suggestions?

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Ah hate Iceland


King prawn ring




Would highly recommend doing the various things on the south portion of the big ring road. Jokulsarlon is one of the most magical places I’ve been, in particular.


Are you hiring a car? The Golden Circle is definitely worth a day of your time either driving or by coach.

We’ve spent about 3 weeks doing various bits of Iceland over 2 holidays. The most fun has been when we’ve been in the really remote bits and felt totally removed from civilisation. E.g. did a 6 mile walk around one of the lesser-trodden glaciers and didn’t see a soul the entire time.

Oh, do a walk on a glacier too if you can.


I did the Golden circle thing in maybe 2005. A National Park, saw the active geyser (the original one blew itself out) and a double waterfall. I went to the hydrothermal Blue Lagoon and went up a modern church. I booked to see the northern lights but it was cancelled as the weather conditions weren’t favourable.

Iceland is very nice. (I prefer Stockholm. My favourite Scandinavian city.)

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I did a glacier walk near vik. It was mint.

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My brother lives there so I’m depending on him to be my driver. I’m gonna do lots of walking I reckon

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Does Bjork still live there?

cheese shark

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Go to that weird monument on the beach. Turn right and follow the coast for about three miles. There’s a tiny beach and a house with loads of birds hanging around.

everyone knows about this and I’m sure you would have probably went anyway, but do definitely go. IT’S AMAZING.

man i wish i was there now

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