I think an Icelandic thread should really be a thing. Here are some of my favourite musicians (some are foreign, but based in Iceland):

Sin Fang
Pascal Pinon
Low Roar
Ben Frost
Ólafur Arnalds
Jóhann Jóhannson


Jon Hopkins does a bit in Iceland.


Really enjoying Samaris as a recent Icelandic addition along with the obvious ‘big two’


Kiasmos too.




There’s an artist (as in: exhibited at the Barbican) called Ragnar Kjartansson who has done an installation built around a song he did with some Icelandic musicians, including one of Sigur Ros and the sisters out of Mum. The song is brilliant, half an hour long, called the Visitors. There’s an extract on Youtube here:


This sort of counts, right? Yeah? Yeah it does.


The concert he did with them was fantastic! Could have been pretentious as hell, but was a delight.


check out these guys


Agent Fresco

The Björk exhibition on at Somerset House at the moment is good.

The VR videos are pretty cool. But the straight up cinema loop of all her past videos is amazing. Sat there for two hours or so and watched them all. I mean, I already knew she’s great, but I’m now convinced that she’s a total genius. There can’t be another musician out there with anywhere near as strong a back catalogue of visual material.





Well, I’d like to see that happen again - I only came across him due to the recent Barbican exhibition.


I hope so! It was more like an old fashioned revue than a traditional concert, with opera, spoken word, covers of Brecht, understated Icelandic whimsy…decidedly odd, but musically brilliant and very memorable.


just discovered these guys last night, excellent lo-fi electronic album:


Of those mentioned above that I know, I absolutely love Sigur Ros, Hjaltalin and Mum, and Pascal Pinon are really nice (Samaris are good too, but prefer PP).
I’m also a fan of Benni Hemm Hemm, and he released a lovely joint album with the scottish The Second Hand Marching Band this year which is worth a folky-singalong-listen or three.
and a band called Halleluwah released a great album last year, with this song one of the highlights:
I think I possibly love Denmark’s output even more than Iceland’s.


this is really nice, thanks! will download now.