Icelands Xmas TV ad being banned


So apparently their xmas ad 2018 has been banned for being too political.

Its a nice little film made by greenpeace and rebadged as Iceland

Not very christmassy mind.

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need a “PRAWN RING NOW ONLY £1.79” right at the end


“We always knew there was a risk [the clip would not be cleared for TV] but we gave it our best shot.”

Clearly devastated


Nice too see The Guardian have a special ‘Christmas ads’ section you can click on



Or has it just fallen outside of the rules for what constitutes advertising?

And did they know that all along, and decided to get it turned down just so they could make a song a dance about it?

We’ve all been had!


The cynical part of me (most of me) says yes.

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It wouldn’t be the first time…

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jeez guys cmon


same but RTd it anyway

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I haven’t watched or read any of this but doesnt Iceland pretty much only sell stuff full of palm oil?


No, they very publicly made a decision to only stock palm oil-free products.


Also, in a bizarre twist, this:


Why can’t Emma Thompson say orang utan?

Why can’t she just say Ku Klux Klan?

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Stealth BOMBer, Stealth BOMBer.


Same reason we call you Colin and not just human


I knew this wasn’t going to work.

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What the hell do they sell now then? Anyone been in, must just be rows of empty freezers


Malcolm Walker isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but Iceland:

  • appear broadly to pay their taxes.
  • anti deforestation and mean it with the no palm oil thing
  • committed to using virtually no plastic by 2023
  • seem to treat their staff a lot better than rival supermarkets

They’ve just opened up one of those massive food warehouses near us. If I ever get round to defrosting my freezer properly and getting rid of a gallon of 2yo French onion soup and fourteen thousand out of date bits of scampi then I’m going to go and stock up the freezer for the winter/ Brexit.