Icelands Xmas TV ad being banned


£5 ONO


It’s in the post!



Banned for being TOO POLITICAL


There’s one near us and I love the place.

Jokes about prawn rings and etc aside, they have some decent stuff in there and as you point out, they seem like a decent bunch of supermarket ethically.


Yeah they have always had a slight negative connotation, but done some decent brand reinventing in recent years.


CEO was on with Piers Cunt this morning and reckons they still sell 250-odd products containing palm oil.
fwiw I can’t believe they didn’t know what would happen with this ad, but fair play for opening up a debate to a huge majority who had no idea about palm oil/deforestation/orang utans etc


anyone else struggle to spell orangutan?


Really want some scampi right now