Icelands Xmas TV ad being banned


£5 ONO


It’s in the post!



Banned for being TOO POLITICAL


There’s one near us and I love the place.

Jokes about prawn rings and etc aside, they have some decent stuff in there and as you point out, they seem like a decent bunch of supermarket ethically.


Yeah they have always had a slight negative connotation, but done some decent brand reinventing in recent years.


CEO was on with Piers Cunt this morning and reckons they still sell 250-odd products containing palm oil.
fwiw I can’t believe they didn’t know what would happen with this ad, but fair play for opening up a debate to a huge majority who had no idea about palm oil/deforestation/orang utans etc


anyone else struggle to spell orangutan?


Really want some scampi right now


Brilliant work all round guys

Mundy said that Clearcast had to shut its switchboard and take pictures of staff off the company website because they were being circulated on Twitter.

Just great stuff.

(And bonus points to the Guardian for again referring to it being blocked “for being too political”)



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I believe in iceland


Alright, Errol Brown


T o o
p o l i t i c a l


The “Spot the Difference” puzzles in that article are a bit simple for my tastes.


Aww they were only put there for you.


I mean calling out companies for lying is good but…should maybe be also calling out all the ones doing nothing on the issue.


Well of course… But they built a whole campaign about their zero use… And then just removed their name from products that didn’t conform whilst still selling said products.


Yeah but i just find it all bit like wankers trying to catch out vegans and the like. Positive environmental changes should be celebrated, not trying to catch the people out on something else. They should probably have just said its taking longer than expected but that would probably have been jumped on too.


They aren’t making the change they explicitly stated they were on an advertising campaign where it was the main message.