Iconic things you've found on Etsy (rolling)

introducing MANDLES, candles for men made out of wax poured into empty cans.

i’m obsessed, this is amazing. can’t wait to get a Monster Energy drink candle.

discovered it after finding out from my best mate that Monster Energy can earrings were a thing (obv gonna buy as a birthday present for myself):

and, of course, this iconic t-shirt:

no shaming in this thread, only appreciation. gotta respect the hustle

Oh wow :smiley: A face mask made out of Monster cans!! I love Etsy, I have found my people.

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If I went round to someone’s house and saw this I would likely run like fuck


this reminds me, on Facebook Marketplace in my area someone was selling life-sized cardboard cut-outs of dogs for £20 a pop.

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Remember the Regretsy site? Lots of (probably mean, when I think about it now) lols to be had.

I see it closed down, probably because she got a book deal.


so much bad taxidermy that will haunt me forever

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