I'd actually just like to bring THIS to your attention

  • Great idea I’d definitely use it
  • Too far, science

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I’ve been thinking about how obviously upgradeable toothbrushes are recently, this seems like a positive step in the right direction


I mean I’m an exceptionally lazy man and deeply resent having to keep my stupid mouth luxury bones clean but even I’m not going near that. Looks like a torture device.


You could get two of them and do both upstairs and downstairs Teefy pegs simultaneously in about 30 seconds. You’d have to have quite a big mouth though

Fucking hell! I’ve got work to do, shouldn’t see stuff like this.


I’d be up for trying this


Praying for the first dude that decides to put this on his dick


Same, but not necessarily in my mouth


Do you not feel let down by the current state of home dental care equipment?

Where else?

Think you’d have to get good at distributing the toothpaste really evenly across the entire brush

Feet :slight_smile:


I was wondering if maybe you had some uses for it around the home. A decorative horseshoe or something like that.

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I really like the force of my current electric/electronic/electrical toothbrush, but I’ll admit the pitiful amount of charge it holds leaves a lot to be desired.

You’d need some sort of toothpaste attachment for the nozzle. A thick line across that could be very dangerous, all of the foam that would be produced. Some sort of… funnel.


Do you think the average human mouth is similar enough for this to be a one size fits all brush?

Wouldn’t know whether to brush my teeth or give it a ride home


I ruin enough clothes by dribbling toothpaste on them as it is (to the point that I’ll brush my teeth in the shower if possible). Can’t imagine the mess I’d make with this

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Seems like the sort of product we’ll read about in 3 years time when its pulled the teeth out of everyone who has used one

Lord, tell me about it. Have to throw my head right back, like I’m about to participate in a game of limbo.

Also re: one size fits all, perhaps. Mouths are quite stretchy

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