I'd just like to take this opportunity

to ask you about your coasters?

Cork, plentiful, difficult to find.

I hate them.


They look very impractical.

Don’t like 'em.

I just clean the tables every couple o’ weeks.

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I can confirm this is the case.

they look dirty

singing this now

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We’ve got some like that but without having real shit on them like.

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We have lots of coasters but never use them. We also have lots of tea stains everywhere.


Living room - the “animals cycling” ones I got in the 2017 DIS secret santa from @meowington, plus some additional pub type ones (always seem to need loads in there, and the wooden chest thing I use as a coffee table marks immediately when exposed to a damp drinking thing

kitchen - Beatles album covers ones

bedroom - more beer mat type ones


I take nice beermats from places and end up throwing them out. None of my surfaces are nice enough to warrant a coaster.

I don’t use a table let alone a coaster.

can’t imagine life without a table

Got some orla kiely ones and some arty tintin ones. But those are made of card/similar so won’t last long.

thought someone would have made some coasters feat presenters of bbc’s coast

doesn’t look like they have


I have a personalised breaking bad coaster. It hails from the year when I was watching Breaking Bad and apparently as I am difficult to buy presents for I got predominantly break bad stuff that year. Now I did enjoy breaking bad but I didn’t need a coaster, poster, t shirt and mug


Got some hexagon marble ones because I respect wood.